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Shifa Free Health Clinic

serves the uninsured and is offering free medical care once a month to people who don’t have insurance and who live below the poverty line.The clinic was started in October 2015, after Raza Ulhaq, a Charlotte pharmacist and founder of Shifa Free Health Clinic, had noticed many people were coming to him for medical advice.

The clinic is open to everyone regardless of their religious affiliation because one of the imperatives of Islam is to care for one’s neighbor.

We have Eight doctors who are volunteering to provide free services at the clinic and are expecting more doctors to be part of the Shifa.

The clinic does not offer emergency care or specialized services such as children’s or prenatal care. It provides free health check ups and consultations, prescriptions and discounted lab work.

The future plan of Shifa if the demand grows is to open it twice a month and more frequently if necessary, and also to continue to recruit medical professionals and volunteers.

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