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Our Services:

We provide referrals, assessments and support. We also provide an array of services, which includes domestic violence intervention, teen dating violence intervention, improving healthcare access and educational forums. However, it is imperative to note that our services will not be circumscribed to Muslims alone because many of these same problems affect the larger non-Muslim community as well.

Baitul Hemayah​

Baitul Hemayah, Inc.’s philosophy relies on incorporating our cultural affinities, our capabilities, and the most empowering practices from both Qu’ran and Sunnah. The staff offers advice, helping hands, and sisterly ear providing the support and information women need to make their own decisions. We truly recognize that there are many cultures that believe and perpetuate violence, and this is why we seek to change those attitudes and beliefs through practical teachings, promoting justice, and ensuring freedom from oppression and family harmony.

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