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Intellicor International Academy

An Islamic School in Charlotte North Carolina

Based on Intellectual Hearts Schooling Model.

Intellicor Vision, Mission, Objectives, and Values

Intellicor's Boards and Committees

News & Developments.

The Intellicor Mission

Intellicor International Academy works on providing a safe and motivational environment for students to learn and grow to their maximum potential and to become good, practicing Muslims who recognize current realities and understand future challenges 

of their local, national, and human community so they ably serve.

Heart-Mind Interaction

Scientific evidence indicates that the heart and mind are linked by neural fibers.  Some consider the heart the "Little Brain" based on the effects of the heart on the mind.  According to Islamic teachings, the heart holds a person's core beliefs that ultimately guide the brain's processes, especially comprehension.


Understanding how the mind works and processes information is critical to effective teaching.  Teachers will undergo a series of workshops to help them understand these processes.  New techniques will be used to help teachers convey knowledge, while allowing students to better retain what is taught.

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